Is your company looking for the complete electrical solution? Elecorp offer our industry leading expertise, for a wide range of commercial electrical requirements.


Elecorp realises that commercial projects can be vastly more complex in comparison to residential services. You can be assured that our team of qualified electrical contractors will deliver a great result.

We have vast experience of commercial projects and in-depth trade knowledge that we can draw on to provide you with the ideal solution to your electrical problems.

Services that our commercial team can provide are:

  • Rewiring

  • Contracted maintenance services

  • New electrical installations in transportable buildings

  • Installation of emergency and back-up power generation

  • Air conditioning

  • Data and voice cabling

  • Access control and site security

  • Installation of emergency and back-up power generation

We apply the same professional, punctual and proficient service as to all our projects. We like to treat our commercial clients as more than just ‘work’ and strive to exceed your expectations with a view to forming long-standing business relationships.

So if you are seeking a top-quality electrical contractor service for your next commercial project, contact our friendly staff today to discuss your needs.

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    As is the case with residential properties, regular electrical maintenance is a must for any commercial building. It is an often overlooked aspect of owning a commercial property but it is imperative that regular maintenance is executed. There is a greater duty of care in maintaining a commercial property due to the employees that work there and to visitors that may have access. Any business will have obligations to ensure the safety of those people on-site and to maintain a minimum safety standard.

    Regardless of the age of the building, scheduled electrical maintenance must be carried out to ensure the integrity of lighting systems, power points, emergency exits, redundant power systems and surge protectors, to name but a few.

    In case of emergency, all commercial properties must possess emergency exits. All exit and emergency lighting must be tested and logged at 6 month intervals to remain compliant. Failure to have clean, well-lit emergency exits that occupants can use to vacate the premises, can have disastrous consequences in the event of an incident.

    Elecorp can provide a qualified electrical contractor to assess the health of the electrical systems in your commercial property. Working alongside you, we can create an ongoing maintenance schedule to ensure your building remains safe and OH&S compliant. Here at Elecorp we believe in being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to electrical safety. It is often far more cost effective to diagnose and remedy electrical problems early, rather than wait for problems to arise and face potentially crippling expense. We also offer a test and tag service to ensure even your most basic electrical appliances remain safe for employees and visitors alike.

    Call Elecorp today and let our trusted team advise you on a maintenance schedule for your commercial property.

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    Construction, from the most minor project to the grandest of designs, will ultimately require an overhaul of the building’s electrical wiring. At Elecorp we are able to handle the planning and implementation of new wiring for residential and small commercial new-builds. We will be there for you at planning stage all the way through to completion to ensure your dream build doesn’t turn into a disaster.

    The current trend is of course for people to remain in their existing homes and forego moving in lieu of expansion. Many clients wish to embark on extensions or renovations of their current homes and this involves many aspects of electrical work. From the OH&S aspects of major refurbishments down to where you want to place your new television points, the team at Elecorp can guide you effortlessly through the entire process.

    So if you wish to pick up that jackhammer but aren’t sure what’s behind the wall, give us a call!

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    One of the major factors to consider with a commercial project in today’s digital landscape is communication. If you plan to create a network within the building you will have to decide on which computer and telephone (CAT) cabling system to use. The main choice today is whether to go with CAT5e or CAT6 cable. Many clients wish to purchase ‘the best’ they can afford. But the cost increase in CAT6 over CAT5e is significant in relation to reward. Many people wrongly assume that installing CAT6 will give them a Gigabit Ethernet. This is only true if every component on the network is Gigabit rated, from the hubs to the network interface cards.

    While CAT5e is capable of handling gigabit speeds, CAT6 is certified to do so. CAT6 is also more suited to environments that suffer interference from power lines, lights and manufacturing plant. So for most applications CAT5e is more suited, both practically and economically. However, if you are certain that your components will be Gigabit rated and you will be transmitting data to match, then CAT6 is the way to go.

    Most commercial projects with high network requirements will require the installation of a rack mount patch panel. In short, this is a panel that is designed for easy connection of devices and components for ease of data transmission. There will be wires and ports for optical cable connectors, and jacks for connection cords. There are two basic designs available. The first is the wiring closet design and the second is the power strip design. Most clients opt for the wiring closet design. Design and installation of a rack mount patch panel is an arduous task and is not to be tackled by the inexperienced. Our data communications team at Elecorp has many years of experience in installing patch panels, sometimes several at once, and will advise you on the needs of your project.

    Finally, a common problem with clients who are moving into existing commercial properties is a distinct lack of adequate telephone and internet lines. We can help fix broken or substandard lines, install new ports and switches and get you flying on the superhighway at full speed. So call Elecorp today for all your communications needs.