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    Air Conditioning

    For many of our Melbourne customers, fluctuations in climate are part of living in this great city. Extreme summer temperatures are often tempered by a sub-zero winter climate and everything in-between! To combat this unpredictability, most households are equipped with some form of climate control.

    Air conditioning is a sure-fire way to beat the summer heat, but it can be perceived as a luxury item for many homeowners. Some still have the memory of old, noisy and expensive systems that probably aren’t worth the installation. Here at Elecorp we can help guide you through the process of finding and installing a new, hi-tech and energy efficient air conditioning system for your home.

    Although we are happy to install whatever system you have decided to purchase, we do work closely with, and highly recommend, Daikin split system technology. Daikin’s wall mounted units are sleek and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with any room. The compact design belies its powerful output, yet it remains quiet and energy efficient.

    For those wanting the best of cooling and heating, Daikin offer a ‘Reverse cycle’ system that will chill you in the summer and warm you in winter. The advent of modern technology means that these systems are now ‘intelligent’, monitoring the room and adjusting the climate to suit thereby not wasting precious energy and offering cost savings on your bills of up to 30% over older systems.

    So if you have made the decision to have a climate control system installed in your home, why not give Elecorp a call? We offer helpful advice and can walk you through all stages from planning to installation to ensure this summer you beat the heat.