Are you looking for a trusted and qualified electrical technician? Elecorp offer our industry leading expertise, for a wide range of residential electrical solutions.


The thought of organising repairs or renovations to your home’s existing electrical services can be quite daunting. Here at Elecorp we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the situation. Our qualified team of experienced electricians will ease you through the process, from making helpful suggestions to fulfilling the work to your upmost satisfaction.

One phone call to our friendly staff will begin the process. We will listen to your needs and if required, visit your home to discuss your ideas. We will then issue you with a free, no-obligation quote and be ready to commence work when you are.

Remember that all electrical work done in your home has to be carried out by a registered, qualified electrician by law. Once our team have completed the work to your satisfaction, we will clean up after ourselves and issue the work with a Certificate of Electrical Safety. We are fully insured and all our work carries a full guarantee.

So if you need electrical work around your home, call the team that cares:  Elecorp.

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    Energy Saving Lighting

    Gone are the days of each room in the house being fitted with a single batten light and wall switch. These days people are looking for more efficient, aesthetically pleasing light solutions that will serve the household for years to come.

    Today we are living in the age that will see the end of the incandescent light bulb. These globes are being swiftly replaced with energy efficient globes that can last thousands of hours. Power hungry halogen down-lights are being replaced with long-lasting, efficient and powerful LED versions. Control systems range from LED illuminated wall switches and dimmers, all the way through to ‘smart’ controllers that can control rooms from a central panel or even tablet device!

    All this choice need not be daunting. We are happy to advise on basic replacements of globes through to designing control systems to set the mood in a particular room. We can overhaul your existing lighting systems, making them more efficient and lowering your energy usage, which in turn leads you to receiving smaller electricity bills. And that can only be a good thing for your environment.

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    Electrical Maintenance

    It is easy to become lax about the usage of electrical devices around the home, but like all things they degrade with time and need monitoring as time passes. Even the most simple appliances can emit a lethal electrical shock if they become inadvertently damaged.

    Here at Elecorp safety is paramount and we stress the value of safety in all our work. You can hire a qualified electrical contractor to conduct a safety check around your home, but the average person should be able to complete a check using our simple guide. Make checking your electrical appliances part of your regular household maintenance and it will become second-nature.

    Electric Plugs
    The plug on an appliance will be the first point of contact with the home’s power supply. A bent, cracked or broken plug will expose your hand to an electric shock if the wiring is exposed. If you consider a plug to be damaged it is better to err on the side of caution and dispose of the appliance. Do not attempt to patch up the plug with tape or other fasteners as this will not be safe.

    Outlets and switches
    Outlets and wall switches protect the wiring that leads directly to your home’s power supply. They are extremely dangerous if exposed and an electrician should be consulted if you think you have this problem. The cover plates should be firmly attached to the wall and if cracked or broken, immediately replaced.

    Extension cords
    Extension cords are commonplace in homes with inadequate power points. It is not unusual to see several snaking throughout the house to feed the needs of today’s energy hungry appliances. But they carry many hidden dangers. Cords are designed to be fully unravelled before use. Using them whilst coiled can cause them to overheat, melt the plastic cord and subsequently start a fire. Likewise they should not be fed underneath carpets or rugs as the lack of clean air flow can result in overheating. Lastly, only one power point should be used per cord. Leading an extension cord to a double, or even triple, adapter can overload the point and start a fire.

    If lack of power points is an issue and you insist on using adapters, may we suggest a high quality power board with built-in safety switches. A quality power board will monitor the flow of power the same way a home’s RCD will. It will then actively shut down the power if it senses an overload.

    There are also visible signs that your home may be in need of an electrical inspection. If you notice lights flickering or dimming when certain appliances are activated you may need to call an electrician. Another problem is if you notice heat in your electrical sockets. This is a sure sign of overload and that excessive electrical current is running to the socket. A self-test is to turn off the appliance and see if the socket cools down.

    All these tests should be routine. We often service our vehicles in the name of safety but neglect those everyday items around the house that are equally dangerous. Regular inspections by yourself or a qualified electrician will be time well spent.

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    Home Automation & Communications

    Once the domain of the super-rich, home automation has now advanced to the point where your average suburban home can possess a basic system, at an affordable price. In basic terms, it is the ability to automate household functions such as security, lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning).

    At Elecorp we can advise, design and install a home automation project that is limited to your imagination. Maybe you have a dedicated home theatre room? Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in your favourite recliner and with the press of a button the blinds gently close, the lights dim, and your favourite movie begins to roll?

    Or maybe you’d like an automation system to increase security around your home. We can install lighting systems that operate on timers, giving unwanted intruders the impression that someone is home, or giving you the ability to switch off all lights in the house from a single button once you are tucked up snugly in bed. Coupled with an alarm system and CCTV cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere on the planet all from your smartphone.

    If you really have the budget, Elecorp can install a C-Bus network. C-Bus uses a low voltage cable or two-way wireless network to carry command and control signals. It is a more reliable system than the common X10 one and makes it more suitable to larger commercial projects as well as whole-house designs. It can be operated from a choice of modern wall-mounted control panels or your smartphone and tablet.

    With C-Bus running your automation set-up the possibilities are endless. From watering your garden to setting ‘scenes’ with your lighting, you can monitor visitors entering the premises and even adjust the climate control as they enter and leave rooms. Some systems are sophisticated enough to put the kettle on and run you a warm bath before you get home from work. Imagine.

    All this technology comes at a price though. Home networks absorb lots of internet capability and rely on communication lines between networks. Any system will require high quality data cabling throughout to handle the significant amount of high-speed information. With this in mind, Elecorp offer their wealth of experience in installing CAT 6 data cabling in any project. This cable will adequately handle the size and speed of information being touted by the National Broadband Network, and will ensure it is capable for the foreseeable future.

    So call Elecorp today for all your Home Automation and Communications needs!

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    Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switches

    Every residence is equipped with a domestic switchboard. Its basic function is to receive and redirect incoming electric current to an end user. The downside is that in all probability the switchboard was installed when the house was constructed, and for some home owners that may have been several decades ago.

    Many old switchboards did not have the features that are found on many newer boards. Magnetic circuit breakers and earth leakage safety relays are often exclusions, and clear, concise labelling has often worn away years ago.

    If it’s time to upgrade that old, worn and potentially dangerous switchboard with a modern version, then Elecorp can help. We can supply and fit a new, ‘state of the art’ switchboard that will certify your house to all current legislation.

    Any switchboard that exceeds thirty years of age will undoubtedly fail modern safety standards. If you are thinking of leasing or selling your home then current legislation demands that Residual Current Devices, or R.C.D’s, are installed on your switchboard. These devices constantly monitor the current entering your home and will cut off the power in case of emergency.

    If you are contemplating upgrades to the wiring in your house, even if it is the addition of extra power points, then it will be worth having your switchboard inspected. Our qualified electricians can inspect your switchboard and advise you of any upgrades you may need. We can supply and install a modern, safe switchboard that meets all safety regulations giving you peace of mind and equipping your household power supply for the foreseeable future.

    While many households take their electricity supply for granted, most do not consider the implications of what may happen if things go wrong. Everyday appliances that have become out-dated and worn may suddenly fuse and become deadly hazards. Power surges from the street supply can overwhelm your switchboard and become potentially fatal hazards.

    To prevent these disastrous scenarios from occurring, your switchboard must be fitted with a Residual Current Device, or safety switch. These devices monitor the current flow in the active and neutral wires of the power lead or device connected to it. If there is an imbalance in this flow it may suggest current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and has accidentally touched an energized part of the circuit.

    A serious electrical shock can occur if you happen to be in this situation. RCD’s are designed to cut the power quickly enough to avoid such a shock.

    It is compulsory for all new homes to be fitted with RCDs, but many thousands of older homes do not have these potentially life-saving devices installed. If you care for the safety of yourself or your loved-ones, it is imperative that you have RCD’s installed in your switchboard.

    Elecorp supply a fast and efficient service for the installation of residual current devices. One of our qualified electricians can inspect your power board and arrange a swift installation of safety switches that will protect your family from hidden shocks.

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    Air Conditioning

    For many of our Melbourne customers, fluctuations in climate are part of living in this great city. Extreme summer temperatures are often tempered by a sub-zero winter climate and everything in-between! To combat this unpredictability, most households are equipped with some form of climate control.

    Air conditioning is a sure-fire way to beat the summer heat, but it can be perceived as a luxury item for many homeowners. Some still have the memory of old, noisy and expensive systems that probably aren’t worth the installation. Here at Elecorp we can help guide you through the process of finding and installing a new, hi-tech and energy efficient air conditioning system for your home.

    Although we are happy to install whatever system you have decided to purchase, we do work closely with, and highly recommend, Daikin split system technology. Daikin’s wall mounted units are sleek and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with any room. The compact design belies its powerful output, yet it remains quiet and energy efficient.

    For those wanting the best of cooling and heating, Daikin offer a ‘Reverse cycle’ system that will chill you in the summer and warm you in winter. The advent of modern technology means that these systems are now ‘intelligent’, monitoring the room and adjusting the climate to suit thereby not wasting precious energy and offering cost savings on your bills of up to 30% over older systems.

    So if you have made the decision to have a climate control system installed in your home, why not give Elecorp a call? We offer helpful advice and can walk you through all stages from planning to installation to ensure this summer you beat the heat.