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    Once the domain of the super-rich, home automation has now advanced to the point where your average suburban home can possess a basic system, at an affordable price. In basic terms, it is the ability to automate household functions such as security, lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning).

    At Elecorp we can advise, design and install a home automation project that is limited to your imagination. Maybe you have a dedicated home theatre room? Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in your favourite recliner and with the press of a button the blinds gently close, the lights dim, and your favourite movie begins to roll?

    Or maybe you’d like an automation system to increase security around your home. We can install lighting systems that operate on timers, giving unwanted intruders the impression that someone is home, or giving you the ability to switch off all lights in the house from a single button once you are tucked up snugly in bed. Coupled with an alarm system and CCTV cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere on the planet all from your smartphone.

    If you really have the budget, Elecorp can install a C-Bus network. C-Bus uses a low voltage cable or two-way wireless network to carry command and control signals. It is a more reliable system than the common X10 one and makes it more suitable to larger commercial projects as well as whole-house designs. It can be operated from a choice of modern wall-mounted control panels or your smartphone and tablet.

    With C-Bus running your automation set-up the possibilities are endless. From watering your garden to setting ‘scenes’ with your lighting, you can monitor visitors entering the premises and even adjust the climate control as they enter and leave rooms. Some systems are sophisticated enough to put the kettle on and run you a warm bath before you get home from work. Imagine.

    All this technology comes at a price though. Home networks absorb lots of internet capability and rely on communication lines between networks. Any system will require high quality data cabling throughout to handle the significant amount of high-speed information. With this in mind, Elecorp offer their wealth of experience in installing CAT 6 data cabling in any project. This cable will adequately handle the size and speed of information being touted by the National Broadband Network, and will ensure it is capable for the foreseeable future.

    So call Elecorp today for all your Home Automation and Communications needs!

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    Emergency Work

    While we tend to take our uninterrupted flow of household electricity for granted, it can be a little disconcerting when the power goes down, the lights flicker off and you and your family are left scrambling in the dark.

    Have no fear though as the team at Elecorp provide an emergency response service to help brighten up your lives once more.

    We firstly would suggest a few basic steps to check before calling us: See if you are the only household affected. A sure sign is if your neighbours still have power or the street lights are still glowing; If there are no lights to be seen then ring the emergency line provided by your power retailer. Too many people assume in this age of technology that they will automatically know when the power is down, but that’s not the case. A quick phone call will have a repair crew dispatched to your suburb;

    If it is just your house that appears affected then we can help. It may be as simple as a circuit-breaker, but most people aren’t comfortable in seeing to that themselves. Also there may be an underlying problem if you have had a circuit-breaker trip and that will need investigating.

    Handy hints in case of a blackout:

    Keep several LED torches scattered around the house. Know where these inexpensive torches are kept so that you can find them in the dark. Having a little light adds a lot of reassurance.

    Stay out of the fridge! Not being able to watch television is not an excuse for binge eating. Every time the fridge door is opened you lose valuable cold air and reduce the lifespan of your food.

    Wander the house and switch off any unnecessary power points. That way the house won’t be swamped by every appliance you own when the power does return.

    When you do call us with an emergency request we will work out the location of our nearest unit and give you an accurate timeframe for their arrival. Once on site, our electricians can work out the best possible solution to your problem.

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    Voice and Data Communications

    Voice and Data communications is a specialist field that requires indepth industry knowledge and expertise. The team at Elecorp can provide you that knowledge, offering advice at planning stage through to the delicate installation of CAT5e or CAT6 network cabling.

    Gone are the days of a split telephone wire being sufficient to run a house or business. With the Government rolling out the National Broadband Network residences and offices will require high bandwith networks to accurately transfer high volume data streams.

    The team at Elecorp has many years of experience in the planning and installation of CAT cabling. We are happy to discuss your needs and ensure that you not only get a network that is sufficient today, but will also ‘future proof’ you for years to come.